• The popularity of Waffle Bathrobe

    The popularity of Waffle Bathrobe

    What’s better than stepping out of a warm, relaxing bath or shower and immersing yourself in luxury?The feeling of the soft, plush fabric elevates the entire experience from simple everyday to spa-like indulgence. Known for their comfort and functionality, waffle bathrobes combine warmth, m...
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  • Fashionable Beach Towel

    Fashionable Beach Towel

    Beach towel is also called beach wrap bath towel. The process is cut velvet printing process. Beach towels are actually the same size as the bath towels we use in China, and their materials are also made of pure cotton. So what is cut velvet printing and weaving? Cut pile is a processing technolo...
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  • How to choose a poncho towel/ surf poncho

    How to choose a poncho towel/ surf poncho

    What is the use of a hooded changing towel/surf poncho? Poncho Towels are used by surfers, wild swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts around the world to stay dry and warm when out of the water, and to change into swimming gear in public places. As the name suggests, hooded towel ponchos ar...
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  • How to Make A Wrap Towel after Showering

    How to Make A Wrap Towel after Showering

    Have you ever gotten out of the shower and wanted to continue getting ready without immediately getting dressed? Well, making a towel wrap allows you to do just that. A wrap towel gives you the freedom to do other activities while drying yourself off and staying covered. Making a towel wrap is ea...
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  • How to Choose Autumn and Winter Nightgown/Robe?

    How to Choose Autumn and Winter Nightgown/Robe?

    How to choose autumn and winter nightgown? Autumn and winter pajamas are designed to keep warm, so velvet fabrics are very popular on the market. In addition to polar fleece, there are more and more velvet fabrics appearing on the market, and they are called velvet in a variety of ways. People ar...
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  • Breathable Gauze Fabric Bathrobe

    Breathable Gauze Fabric Bathrobe

    Breathable Gauze Fabric Bathrobe What is Gauze Fabric? Gauze fabric is a lightweight, breathable textile with a loose, open weave that promotes airflow. Often used in medical dressings and airy summer apparel, its unique structure allows for both flexibility and comfort. Intrigued by its versatil...
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  • Faux Fur Bathrobe and How to Care Faux Fur Bathrobe

    Faux Fur Bathrobe and How to Care Faux Fur Bathrobe

    Faux fur has some advantages over real fur, so it’s important to know how to wash and care for it. Animal rights concerns aside, faux fur is more resistant to insect damage when stored and can better withstand humidity and temperature changes. Keeping faux fur coats, jacket trim, and other...
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  • Popular Satin Products-Satin Pajama/Pillowcase

    Popular Satin Products-Satin Pajama/Pillowcase

    In daily life, the clothes we wear are made of different fabrics, and the appearance and feel of the clothes are also closely related to the fabrics. Among them, satin is a more special kind of fabric, and few friends know about it. Today, this article will take you into the world of satin cloth....
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  • Winter Necessity – Flannel Robe

    Winter Necessity – Flannel Robe

    Winter is coming, and it has already snowed in some places. For gentleman-type men and beauty-loving women, when choosing clothes in winter, you should not only ensure warmth and comfort, but also take into account the style. Flannel, known as the “noble among velvets”, not only has u...
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  • Suede Microfiber Beach Towel

    Suede Microfiber Beach Towel

    What is microfiber fabric? Most microfiber is made from polyester, but it can also be blended with nylon for added strength and waterproofing. Some are made from rayon, which has qualities similar to natural silk. Depending on the shape, size and combination of materials, the advantages of micro...
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  • Introduction of Hair Wrap Towels

    Introduction of Hair Wrap Towels

    The function of a hair dry towel In recent years, dry hair caps have entered our daily lives because they absorb more water than regular towels, and the damage to hair caused by towels is also reduced. If a hair dryer is combined with a hair drying towel, hair can dry faster. In fact, a dry hair ...
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  • Popular Coral Fleece Towels

    Popular Coral Fleece Towels

    In recent years, in addition to pure cotton towels, coral velvet towels have become more and more popular in our lives. Coral velvet has been widely used in the home textile industry because of its soft, delicate texture, no hair loss, and easy dyeing. In addition, it does not harm human skin and...
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