Quality First, Safety Guaranteed

  • Workers


    Our company has 100 employees

  • Machine


    We now have 35 machines, of which 12 air-jet looms are imported from Japan and Germany.

  • Product Standard

    Product Standard

    Our products meet the standards required by Chinese textiles GB / T19001-2016 / ISO9001: 2015.

  • Annual Capacity

    Annual Capacity

    Our annual capacity is over 10 million US Dollars.


Let's take our development to a higher level

  • Baby hooded towel: the perfect combination of comfort and cuteness

    When it comes to bathing little ones, parents are always looking for products that are not only practical but also cute. One product that has become popular in recent years is the baby hooded towel. Not only are these towels great for drying your kids after a bath, but they also come in a variety...

  • Surf Poncho Towel: Our Best Surf Companion

    The main function of a poncho towel is to provide a convenient and practical way to change into wetsuits and swimsuits. Changing out of wet clothes when you’re at the beach or near water can be a challenge, especially when trying to maintain privacy and modesty. Poncho t...

  • The Difference Between Beach Towel and Bath Towel

    The hot summer is coming and many people can’t hold back their holiday mood. Beach vacation is always the first choice in summer, so bringing a beach towel when setting off is both practical and fashionable equipment. I know that many people have the same idea as me: Aren’t beach towels and...


We will increase and strengthen the partnerships we have.

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