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  • Workers


    Our company has 100 employees

  • Machine


    We now have 35 machines, of which 12 air-jet looms are imported from Japan and Germany.

  • Product Standard

    Product Standard

    Our products meet the standards required by Chinese textiles GB / T19001-2016 / ISO9001: 2015.

  • Annual Capacity

    Annual Capacity

    Our annual capacity is over 10 million US Dollars.


Let's take our development to a higher level

  • Introduction of Hair Wrap Towels

    The function of a hair dry towel In recent years, dry hair caps have entered our daily lives because they absorb more water than regular towels, and the damage to hair caused by towels is also reduced. If a hair dryer is combined with a hair drying towel, hair can dry faster. In fact, a dry hair ...

  • Popular Coral Fleece Towels

    In recent years, in addition to pure cotton towels, coral velvet towels have become more and more popular in our lives. Coral velvet has been widely used in the home textile industry because of its soft, delicate texture, no hair loss, and easy dyeing. In addition, it does not harm human skin and...

  • New Arrival- Luxury Cotton Towels

    Towel is a essential in our life,but you may have confusion when choosing a towel for personal use or business use. How to choose a good quality towel?Pure cotton towels are the first choice. Today the design here is a new design which is with 100% cotton terry in 32 yarns which keep the high wa...


We will increase and strengthen the partnerships we have.

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