• Introduction of Hair Wrap Towels

    Introduction of Hair Wrap Towels

    The function of a hair dry towel In recent years, dry hair caps have entered our daily lives because they absorb more water than regular towels, and the damage to hair caused by towels is also reduced. If a hair dryer is combined with a hair drying towel, hair can dry faster. In fact, a dry hair ...
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  • Popular Coral Fleece Towels

    Popular Coral Fleece Towels

    In recent years, in addition to pure cotton towels, coral velvet towels have become more and more popular in our lives. Coral velvet has been widely used in the home textile industry because of its soft, delicate texture, no hair loss, and easy dyeing. In addition, it does not harm human skin and...
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  • New Arrival- Luxury Cotton Towels

    New Arrival- Luxury Cotton Towels

    Towel is a essential in our life,but you may have confusion when choosing a towel for personal use or business use. How to choose a good quality towel?Pure cotton towels are the first choice. Today the design here is a new design which is with 100% cotton terry in 32 yarns which keep the high wa...
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  • Faux Rabbit Fur Throw Blanket.

    Faux Rabbit Fur Throw Blanket.

    Faux Rabbit Fur Throw Blanket Winter is coming, when you have relax at home after off work,a warm and cozy blanket is a necessity for us,And there are many kinds of blanket in the market, for example, wearable TV blanket, woven blanket , knitted blanket etc, and today I will introduce a warm faux...
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  • Waffle Bath Towel -Bring you a special Bathing Time

    Waffle Bath Towel -Bring you a special Bathing Time

    When it comes to improving your bath time, you might consider trying a new body wash or quality shampoo in the shower, but if you’re looking for a simple upgrade that adds a luxurious look and feel to your bathroom, Consider using a waffle towel to dry off. Unlike most bath towels, which ar...
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  • Sleeping essential- Pillow case

    Sleeping essential- Pillow case

    Sleeping essential- Pillow case We all need to sleep every day because good sleep is important for our physical health, and besides sleep time, it is related bedding that affects sleep quality. Here we are talking about pillowcases and pillowcases. Have you ever encountered a situation where many...
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  • Introduction for Waterproof Changing Robe

    Introduction for Waterproof Changing Robe

    What is a changing robe? Sometimes called a dry robe or change robe.Changing robes are clothing that can be used as a mobile changing room. Originally favored by cold surfers who needed shelter while changing out of wet suits and wet vests, they are now also used by backcountry or cold water swim...
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  • How To Choose A Bathroom Floor Mat

    How To Choose A Bathroom Floor Mat

    A reliable bathroom mat is more than just a comfortable underfoot accessory on your bathroom floor. These mats absorb excess moisture, prevent slipping, and add style to your bathroom. But how do you choose a bathroom mat that’s both functional and beautiful? “Make sure the ones you choose are wa...
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  • Introduction for Hotel Slipper

    Introduction for Hotel Slipper

    Baotou and cover The materials that make up the toe and cover generally include non-woven fabrics, brushed cloth, real cloth, terry cloth, gold velvet, coral velvet, cut velvet, velvet, waffle and other materials. As long as it is made of fabric, it can generally be used as the toe cap and cover...
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  • Introduction for Yoga Mat

    Introduction for Yoga Mat

    A yoga mat is a flexible piece of fitness equipment that can be used for a variety of home training programs. Whether you’re taking a local class or practicing at home, it’s crucial to have a quality yoga mat that provides the right grip and support. Working on a slippery mat, slipper...
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  • How to Choose A Pet Towel Robe

    How to Choose A Pet Towel Robe

    What is dog towel robe A dog robe is a type of clothing for dogs that is designed to help them dry off after a bath or swim. It is made of absorbent materials such as microfiber and is designed to be wrapped around the dog’s body, covering its back and belly. The robe helps to absorb moisture fr...
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  • Healthy Mulberry Silk Fabric

    Healthy Mulberry Silk Fabric

    How Is Mulberry Silk Made? The traditional way is to harvest the silk while the moth is still in the cocoon. This leaves the silk strand undamaged and gives you a much longer fiber to work with. Manufacturers who use this method will typically boil the cocoons, which kills the moths. Then, they ...
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